Mid-week gourmet!

Mid-week gourmet!

You don’t have to eat out at five star restaurant to experience gourmet cuisine. Luckily, more and more gourmet foods are being produced in the U.S., making them very affordable for anyone to buy and incorporate into their meals. For instance, buying caviar produced in the U.S. instead of buying traditional imported Russian or Iranian Beluga, will cut your caviar prices in half.

Domestic gourmet cheeses are improving and gaining popularity all the time, particularly in California. There are also a variety of gourmet sharp cheddars and goudas from Wisconsin, which can be incorporated into a specialty burger any night of the week. A few drops of white truffle oil on top of homemade pizza will add a gourmet touch. Or simply buy a good variety of cured meats and make delectable Italian style panini. You get the idea.

With the economy in flux, more American families are dining in more frequently. Why not dine-in in style? You’ll not only get to experience the pleasure of eating fine foods, but you can sleep better at night knowing that you didn’t spend an arm and a leg dining in a restaurant.

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